Hello! Thanks for visiting my site!

My name is Mel, I got my first poodle in 2002. Abby was a tiny black poodle that faded and greyed like the old lady she became.  I loved her warm personality and the way she stuck to me like glue sometimes.

I bought Dreamy Lucille in 2019, a tiny red toy poodle from QLD, and have been obsessed with her colour ever since.  I’m not a poodle snob – I like all the oodles – but when I ask people what they like about their oodles it sounds like they like the poodle. My goal is to help educate on the many qualities of pedigree poodles. And why not have a show stopper as well. The deep dark red may fade over time, but you will love every shade, I’m sure.

I DNA test to ensure I am providing the best chance at a happy, healthy and long life for my new families.  Aiming to breed to the poodle pedigree standard with a warm and friendly temperament.

My dogs are part of the family. They live in the house (and yes, sleep on my bed lol) receive the best food and care. All are vaccinated and free of parasites or infections. I socialise at dog parks, the beach and by taking them everywhere I go. I am not a commercial breeder, so may not have many litters as my dogs are truly part of my life in every way. However, I will help and support any new puppy parents in anyway at any time, throughout their life.

I am interested in the development of the breed, and not just in reproduction. I have set myself a goal to breed to Australian quality standards and participate in the show ring. This can only be achieved by breeding a truly high-quality dog. A beautiful, problem-free puppy with excellent mentality and health.